Industrial Centrifuge and Drying Equipment Manufacturer

SAIDELI is a professional pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, and we are willing to provide worldwide customers with a broad range of filtration centrifuge, drying equipment, rotary pressure filter and even continuous sterilization system. Owing to their superior quality, our chemical centrifuge, pharmaceutical centrifuge and drying machine are widely used for the solid-liquid separation in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us and we will try to satisfy every individual need.

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      Date: 2016.04.18-04.20
      Venue: Hall 4.2
      Booth No.: 4.2161

      51st CIPM
      Date: 2016.04.20-04.23
      Venue: Second Hall of Equipment for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
      Booth No.: S4-17

Main Products
    1. Automatic Scraper Centrifuge

      With fill level control, speed inspection as well as shaft temperature and vibration monitoring, our horizontal scraper centrifuge is able to finish the entire separation process automatically, from suspension filling, dry centrifugation, washing to final discharging.

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    1. Siphon Peeler Centrifuge

      Owing to its outstanding properties, our peeler centrifuge is not only suitable for common solid-liquid suspension, but can also deal with fine particles that are hard to separate, thus making it a great choice for pharmaceutical, chemical.

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    1. Decanter Centrifuge

      This separation equipment exhibits excellent serviceability when dealing with different suspensions, and it is commonly used in food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environment protection and other industries where solid-liquid separation is needed.

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    1. Vertical Scraper Centrifuge

      This vertical bottom discharge centrifuge has a fully enclosed structure, and its process area, bearing seat and scraper knife are well protected by nitrogen gas.
      A fully enclosed housing is employed by the transmission system so as to reduce particulate matter emission during work.

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    1. Hermetically Sealed Centrifuge

      L(P)BF hermetically sealed centrifuge is a kind of vertical centrifuge suitable for hygienic and highly efficient production. It could separate clean/pure solids out from various solid-liquid mixtures, and it fits perfectly for food, pharmaceutical.

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    1. Rotary Pressure Filter

      Featuring continuous discharging, high handling capacity, good dewatering effect, small footprint and high degree of automation, this continuous filter dryer is often used to rapidly separate solids from various suspensions, and it is compliant with GMP and FDA requirements.

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    1. Filtering, Washing and Drying Equipment

      Multifunctional filtration equipment is hermetically sealed, so it totally avoids air pollution which is otherwise caused by the solvent, and also protects operators since there is no possibility for them to come into contact with toxic matters.

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